Local links

Marlwood School

KRUNCH South West :   Youth Clubs, Personal Development, Mentoring and more  http://www.krunch.org.uk/krunch-sw/

Attic Café Youth Club : A youth club for Years 10-13 based in the church but open to anyone in the community.


Basement Café Youth Club :A youth club for Years 7-9 based in the church but open to anyone in the community. www.thornburybaptistchurch.org.uk…

Email: mike @thornburybaptistchurch.org.uk

South Glous Gov : Young Peoples page to info and access multiple services on health and well-being, training and support.


School Nurse Service –  Contact through your GP

JIGSAW: support for families who have children who are 0-25 years and have any additional needs or disability.  www.jigsawthronbury.org.uk

Off The Record  otrbristol.org.uk  –  counselling and support groups

Local Counsellors who work with adolescents:

http://www.do-happy.com – counselling

http://www.counsellingmelwilks.co.uk –  counselling