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For young people

Adolescence can be tough!

Sometimes you need a bit of help – it might be too hard to talk to your parents, carers or teachers about this stuff.

All of us at PHASE have been there and we want to help you be your best self and reach your potential. Things we can help with:

Relationships – parents , friends, partners
Mental Health – anxiety, low mood
Drugs & alcohol
Behaviour in school
Self esteem
Self harm
Building resilience
Risky behaviour

There are several ways we can help:

We can set you up with a Mentor – someone to talk to and help you make good choices.

We can keep in touch by email – you can drop us a line if you don’t fancy face to face chat.

We can invite you to join in with some group work – this is good if you need help with resilience, self esteem or anger.

We can direct you to more specialised support.

Whatever it is – we are here to help. We won’t judge you!

PHASE is all about empowering you to believe in yourself, make good choices and be the best that you can be.

Get in touch by phone, email or DM and we’ll talk to you about what type of support would be the best fit for you.

We know it can be hard to reach out – so if you’re not feeling able to contact us yourself why don’t you ask a friend, an adult at school, a sibling or a parent to get in touch for you. We won’t mind!

Get in touch


My Mum is always busy at work and there is no-one else to talk to at home.  I got really angry when my parents split up and kept getting excluded from school all the time.  My PHASE Mentor helped me learn to take control of my anger and now I don’t get in as much trouble.  (Year 9 Student)

I was in a really dark place, feeling depressed and anxious all the time.  Talking things through with my PHASE Mentor helped take it all out of my head and the darkness disappeared.  I still feel low sometimes but I’ve stopped self harming and I’ve learned how to help myself when I feel bad.  (Year 11 Student)

Before I had a PHASE mentor I was an emotional roller coaster and not able to control my emotions so I made bad decisions with drugs.  My Mentor has helped me learn to cope with difficult feelings and I’m now making better choices and feeling much happier.  (Year 10 Student)

I look forward to seeing my Mentor every week because she is so easy to talk to and she doesn’t judge me like everyone else does.  She helps me sort my head out and decide what to do about things I can’t sort out on my own.  When we chat I always feel better about stuff.  (Year 11 student)

Before I had a PHASE mentor I was an emotional roller coaster and not able to control my emotions. Year 10 student

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