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When you decided to have a baby, you probably had no idea that you may face any of these issues as your child entered adolescence. However, the reality is that most of us do at some point

self harm… drugs… alcohol… bullying… antisocial behaviour… loneliness…
eating disorders… under age sex… low self esteem… depression…
additional needs… sexting… school refusal… anxiety… teenage pregnancy

We’ve built a community of support for Thornbury’s young people and their families. What we want parents/carers to feel and know is that not only are the tricky times generally just a PHASE but they are not alone in this.

Adolescence is getting increasingly harder for lots of reasons – with all kinds of social pressures and education expectations (this means parenting is getting more and more difficult!) It’s important to understand the impact these external pressures have on our children alongside the physical changes that are taking place both hormonally and in their brain development and how this impacts on mood, behaviour, choices and relationships. We are passionate about helping both the young people we work with and their parents / carers understand all of this and find ways to work through it together in a positive way.

Gaining an understanding of this stuff can really help to depersonalise the negative behaviour that might get thrown at us by our teenagers.

Being a parent is one of the biggest challenges we will ever face, we speak to many parents who tell us that they wish they’d looked for help before crisis point but were too ashamed. Don’t be! All of us at PHASE are parents, we know how much you love your children and we want to help you get through this difficult stuff – we’re not here to judge, we’re here to help.

There are several ways we can help:

By providing mentoring or counselling for your child

By providing one to one parenting support for you with one of our Parenting Support Workers (this can happen remotely or in person)

By signposting you (where appropriate) to a specialised source of support

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You guys are life changers!  Both me and my Son are coping so much better with the ups and downs of teenage life since seeing your counsellor.  I don’t know where we’d be now without your support.  (Parent of child supported by PHASE Counselling)

I cried this morning as usual as my Son went to school, not the usual tears of fear and hopelessness, but relief.  Today he meets your Mentor for the first time after my chats with you and I’m finally no longer alone in this.  There is hope.  (Parent of child supported by PHASE mentoring)


Both me and my son are coping so much better with the ups and downs of teenage life since seeing your counsellor. Parent

We're here
for young people

Adolescence can be tough!
There are several ways we can help.

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